Kohl's Admin House (BC)

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Builder's Club Only are places or gears that can only be accessed or sold to Builder's Club owners only. This feature causes some players to rage and forums such as All Things Roblox (ATR) recieve the outrage almost every day.

Builder's Club Only GamesEdit

To create a Builder's Club Only Game, you must own Builder's Club. These games get on the front page much easier than standard games as they have less players and the total amount of Builder's Club Only Games is way less than traditional games. The only good thing that I find with these games, is that they recieve 10 Tix per visit. These games also don't stay on the front page for very long and a currently well known Builder's Club Only Game is "Kohl's Admin House" with over 495,000 visits. (BC game; not NBC game)

Builder's Club Only ItemsEdit

Builder's Club Only Items are items in the catalog that can only be purchased by Builder's Club owners. All though there are very few of these items, certain items can be purchased only by certain types of Builder's Club. These items include the various skateboards and Robloxian 2.0 (Which now can be bought by anyone for R$15)

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