ROBLOX Flood Escape Trailer

ROBLOX Flood Escape Trailer

Flood escape

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     Flood escape is a popular team-based adventure game on roblox.

     The goal of the game is to do parkour, press buttons, and escape before you drown in the water. If you beat the 3 levels, you get into a code room. Depending on the difficulty, the amount of buttons you need to decode ranges from 6-8. If you help your team by pressing 6 buttons, you get a bonus round if you get through the code room alive. This bonus room is timed. If you beat it, you get an extra point.

Scoring and game modesEdit

Game modes:

Multiplayer - The regular mode where you work together to survive.

Extreme - You play a very hard level by yourself. The only advantage you have is that you have a breath meter insted of dying when the water touches your feet.

Practice - Some easy obstacle courses and things like that.

How the game is scored

Beating a room - 1 point

Pressing 3 buttons - 1 point

Escaping - 2 points