The friends page.

Friends are a roblox feature that allows users to have a friend list. Friends are allowed into your friends only places and if your place is a personal server, you can set all of your friends as admins, visitors, or members. Some people's privacy settings don't allow anyone who is not a friend to send them messages, party invites, chat messages, trades or follow them to games You can also set someone as a best friend to get their "Right now I'm" messages on your roblox homepage.

Best FriendsEdit

On personal servers, your best friends can get different permissions than normal friends. While you can set all of your best friends as admins, there is no option to set all of your normal friends or everyone who enters as an admin.

To make someone your best friend, go to the friends page, click on the gear image on the upper right corner of their character, and click "Add Best Friend". You can only have 20 best friends.

In 2011, December 12th, players who had more than 30 people best friend them got the "Builderman's gift of followers" gift, with 8-bit shades inside it.

Friend RequestsEdit

The friend request tab shows all of your friend requests, when someone send you a friend request, you'll see it there. If you have no friend requests, it will say "Find your friends on ROBLOX" and link you to the people search page if you click on it.