Lumber Tycoon 2 and 1 by Defaultio.

I will not include very much information, as this game has its own [1]wiki, and probably one for the original too.

Lumber Tycoon (original) is a game about chopping trees down, getting land, and then making your wood into planks while selling it. The game is pretty long, i have never beaten it myself. But it is really fun, i recommend you play it before the second game to get the "original" feeling.

Lumber Tycoon 2 has the same point of the original, (well why wouldn't it? it is a sequel, right?) It has you start with no axe, unlike the original game, but you can buy one by dragging a bright yellow box to the counter and talking with the shopkeep. Then you start cutting trees, but remember to open your box, too! Go to the wood dropoff, located on the side of Wood R Us, and sell the tree you cut. That's a simple tutorial on the second game, just incase you needed it.