ROBLOX is a game where you can play with others and build your own games. This article will explain the history of ROBLOX.


In the beginning

ROBLOX was created in 2004 as a beta test, soon to be released for real in 2006. In these years,
Profile (no mobile)

A Roblox Profile (Non-mobile)

members could put spaces and underscores in their username, there were no body
Roblox Profile (Mobile)

Roblox Profile (Mobile)

movements and no clothing.

In 2005, users were able to make games. Before this, ROBLOX was a website without them.

In February 27, 2006 roblox was released, and on that day, the ROBLOX account was made.In 2009, roblox made Guests , this feature allows unregistered player to play the game in Super Safe Chat mode, with a guest character.

In 2011, roblox studio was made. It is a program that allows users to edit their places easily with edit mode.

In 2012, roblox became playable on mobile, and the roblox mobile site was made, and a new forum called All Things ROBLOX (ATR) was created for discussions that are purely about roblox. The forum ROBLOX Talk  became a club house forum, and ATR became "the new ROBLOX Talk".

In 2013 February 12thErik Cassel, the Co-founder of ROBLOX died because of cancer, and the well worn hat that he always wore was renamed to "Erik Cassel's hat". ROBLOX added dynamic lighting, outlines, and made a new famous game that was made by admins, ROBLOX Battle.