Robloxity is a very popular roleplaying game created by 1Dev3. 1Dev3 is 1Dev2's alt. His main was banned for reasons that can't be confirmed. Rumors say he was involved in a April Fool's Prank that went wrong. But his new game (which is a lot like his older "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia") is low-detailed but the map stretches a LONG distance.


The gameplay is very easy.

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You start off as "unemployed" and on a street corner. Walking around the map will discover houses, and occupations for your avatar. When you step on the spawn outside of a job, you get that job as well as money. The money can be used to buy nice houses, and to buy vehicles. But it is always fun to be a cop or criminal, because they can shoot and kill each other.


Robloxity is a game that pretty much never ends. It really can't be played by yourself as it is really boring and if you get into a good server the fun can never end! In conclusion, I have to give this game a 9/10 for it's creativity and fun!