This is the rules page of the site. You may have been given a link to this page by a moderator because you broke a rule. If you keep recieving links to this page and you items keep getting deleted you may get banned.

Instant Banning (Instant termination)

  • Posting a link, image or video to something inappropriate such as Bad Content
  • Bad Username
  • Changing someone's Page to something inappropriate
  • Discrimination against other users or pages about discrimination

Major Offenses (2 Offenses and then termination)

  • Deleting all content of a page
  • Offsite links
  • Posting things other than Roblox
  • Unrelated videos or pictures on a page

Minor Offenses (3 Offenses and then termination)

  • Spamming Pages
  • Creating pages that are useless (Popular games, people, and moderatorss/owners only)
  • Annoying Mods/Admins
  • Spamming Profiles
  • Scamming Roblox Accounts

More rules can be added at any time.