Survive the Disasters is a game by TheFurryFox and has over 19 million plays. It was created in 2009 just a few months after it's creator's account was




The game is simple, survive all types of random and wacky disasters! If you survive them, you get points and if you don't, you get nothing and respawn for the next one. The game features a few badges which can be achieved by doing different thin
Survive The Disasters

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gs during certain disasters. Each server holds 12 people and contains "A Happy Home" model, a shop, a playground, and VIP. VIP can be bought by Game Pass under the game's description.


The game is very addicting, but it tends to repeat disasters often. For example. Many disasters require you to do the same task but with a different name. These disaster occur a lot and the unique ones don't show up very much. Besides this issue, I don't see anything wrong with the game and I rate it a 7/10.